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PAEDIATRC PRACTICE would not have been made possible without the contribution of Sponsors, Supporters, and Volunteers:


Among those who contributed to the construction, medical and technical equipment for our Paediatric practice, our heartfelt gratitude goes to:

  • Mr. Nikos Damdimopoulos, contractor, and his crew

  • Mr. Ioannis Daskalakis, civil engineer

  • The architectural office Simpl. of Mrs. Eliana Kolyva and Mr. Yannis Stathopoulos who offered their work pro bono

  • Mr. Kleanthis  Kravvaritis for supplying the air condition units, and 

  •  Mr Ganatsas and the company GANATSAS SA for offering the specialized flooring for medical practices.

  •  The company KALLIFRONAS SA for donating a cutting-edge blood analyzing machine, which assists in receiving instant information to diagnose samples, precious in an emergency.

  • The BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, Mrs Andromachi Spanou and CEO Mr Georgios Spanos for their kind cooperation and assistance in creating a comprehensive exam pack that offers reduced prices for expensive procedures to clinic patients. For further information about the exact offered services please visit

  • Dr Jessica Arditi, paediatric endocrinologist for her medical advice. 

  • Mr Thanassis Lambropoulos, for his legal advice and, 

  • Mrs. Marsia Chatzigeorgiou, for the management of the social media presence of the Pediatric Clinic.

For further equipment, furnishing and decorating we wish to thank :


•      Mr Vassilis Fourlis, CEO of IKEA Greece and IKEA for the furniture of the clinic,

•      The store Goldfish Toys ,

•      The store Charisma,

•      Mrs Jenny Lapata,

•      Kedros Publications for donating children’s books

•      Mr Angelos Passamitros , for offering his graphic design services

•      ATHENS PHOTO WORLD for the donation of two photographs that decorate our practice, and

•      Mr. Elias Cosindas for taking promotional photographs of our premises. 

We also wish to thank our volunteers and friends who, with their positive and warm energy, helped us set up the furniture:

  • Mrs Ioanna Psarakou

  • Mrs Iliana Stavropoulou

  • Mrs Agathe Tomara

  • Mrs Tanuzi Maria

  • Mr Alexandros Kyriakou

  • Mr George Kalevrosoglou

  • Mr Gerassimos Skamnakis

  • and young Myrto Kyriakou

Further more, we wish to thank our financial supporters who stood by us from the beginning of the project:

  • Mr & Mrs Aardenburg

  • Mrs Andreadi Anna

  • Mr Andreadis Stratis

  • Mr Chadjioannou Christos

  • Mrs David Nandia

  • Mr Felios Sotirios

  • Mr Fisher Marc

  • Mrs Fix Athena

  • Mrs Fix Maria

  • Mrs Gaal Schott

  • Mr Haikalis Georgios

  • Mr Hiliarchopoulos

  • Mr & Mrs Hodler

  • Mr Iatrides Halarambos

  • Mr Kaloyeras Anargyros

  • Mrs Kinigopoulou Pothiti

  • Mrs Kolokitha Despina

  • Mr Koulouris Dimitris

  • Mr Lambropoulos Athanassios

  • Mr Mach Andreas

  • Mrs Marinou Dionisia

  • Mrs Martinou Alexandra

  • Mr Mathios Christos

  • The Lady Marks Clementine Medina

  • Mr Odier Patrick

  • Mrs Pagoni Vasso

  • Mrs Panayotopoulos, Marie Claire

  • Mrs Paraskeva Stavroula

  • Mrs Pesmatzoglou Maria

  • Mr & Mrs Philon

  • Mr Potamianos Phokion

  • Mrs Quinn Sally

  • Mrs Marie France de Saint Felix

  • Mrs Sofianopoulou Zanna

  • Mrs Thouvenin Lilian

  • Mrs Triantafyllou Irene

  • Mrs Tsakoumi Pelagia

  • Mrs Xanthopoulou Eleftheria

  • Mrs Woodward Lisa

We finally wish to thank organizations, business, companies and foundations who also supported the opening of the Paediatric Practice:

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